Agency Secrets for Facebook Ad Campaigns

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By: Ginger Marks, Senior Marketing Manager | https://www.linkedin.com/in/gingermarkshasideas/

Here…come closer…I gotta tell you a little secret…Are you ready? Creating an ad campaign isn’t about the brand, it’s about the audience you’re trying to reach.

Is your mind blown? I figured. But this is a true error in our ways in the marketing world. Agency life has us doing everything the client wants, making sure they are wowed, when we’re meant to be wowing the audience that we want purchasing our client’s products or services.

So my fellow marketing friends, take a collective sigh and stand your ground.

Facebook ad campaigns are meant to stop you in your scrolling tracks. If your audience is in their 20s-30s, you want to entertain them. We look at memes and watch TikToks and Reels all day, so your ads better have movement, bright colors, music, and big font. Maybe not ALL of those, but you get the idea.

For one of our clients, a small convenient store franchise, we attempted to go big with gifs, movements, and copy that was funny. The client thought that was what the world wanted, that they had to be competing with memes. You know what performed best out of all we created? The solid image, fully branded image of the store, with the longest copy. What did we learn from that? If you’re trying to reach middle aged veterans, and people with money they can invest into a franchise, you’re going to have to share some information. The funny stuff, although looks good and catches attention, it doesn’t share the information needed. People who are making a big decision, need answers and your ads better have them.

In another client’s ad campaign, we started off with an offer of providing free appliances when spending 20K or more on a new kitchen design. We ended up making all the assets focused on the appliances and the offer. The ads had big numbers and brand names attached to it. We barely got any leads. Our turning point? Making the ads about the kitchens! We turned our campaign into carousels showing off all the different kitchen designs the brand could make. We made it inspirational, and just in time, as pandemic was hitting, and people were inside more, home projects were getting a lot more attention. Our leads skyrocketed to over 600 throughout the next five months, with the client closing between 2-5% of them. Our cost per lead also decreased from $50 down to $20 when we changed the campaign.

Here are a few things we’ve learned through many years of running Ad Campaigns for our clients:

  • They are not that simple.
  • We don’t know it all.
  • Let the data speak! This is where you’ll find success!
  • Be patient!
  • Be open and willing to try new tactics, creative, copy, etc.

If you feel like your ads aren’t working how they should or they need a fresh take, we’d love to help you. As you’ve read, we have our own experiences with that, but that’s what makes us a good fit. We’re not afraid to be the experts who continue to learn every day. Contact us today!

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