BrandStar and the Rules of Communication

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By Joey Glynn

In it is without question that the pandemic of Covid-19 has made work and communication much more difficult for BrandStar. Major changes to the workflow have had to be made in order to effectively and cohesively be as productive as possible. Obviously, when this all started, lots of connections were disrupted whether it was through remote work, social distancing, etc. But now that we are creeping out of the pandemic, communication through online networks has become an increasingly strong ally.

Now that we look at how BrandStar operates, there is almost no such thing as being ‘full-time’ in the office. We are constantly working with clients, fellow employees, along with potential business opportunities now using online communication to our advantage. BrandStar is utilizing these outlets to expand the range of employees. As we know, it is extremely beneficial to gain ideas from across the nation and even across the globe.

The people at BrandStar understand now that after all we’ve seen in the past few years, anything can happen. As damaging as the pandemic has been, it has opened a whole new world of marketing that can inspire many organizations to excel in. People have become so adjusted to the habits formed throughout the pandemic. For example, having a ‘contactless’ service is now an attractive marketing strategy. Also, since so many of us were cooped up indoors for so long, people want to get out and explore on vacation. As we know, some selling points are “affordable, quick, and easy” but it is time to add “safety” to this specific category.

As there have been many preventions in production early in the pandemic, BrandStar has capitalized on effectively communicating with our clients to ensure that everything is being handled as expected. BrandStar has become reliant on almost every form of online platform communication, advertising, and social media. Because of all BrandStar has learned and adjusted to these past few years, we’re confident that we’re the right marketing agency for you and your brand

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