How to Find your (Business’) Voice

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Author: Emily Christensen, Marketing Coordinator | https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilychristensenwriter/

Writing is the backbone of every business. It is used throughout social media, blogs, advertisements, and every other marketing material. It determines how you communicate your business to the world and what your brand stands for. 

But how do you know if you are conveying the right message in your content? Many times, it can be challenging to find your business’ voice and keep it constant throughout your brand. If you are struggling to determine your business’ voice, then try asking yourself these three questions:

“Who is my product or service for?”

It is crucial to know who your target audience is to build a connection with them and make a memorable image for your brand. If you don’t know your audience, then do some research. Define the age, gender, interest, and income of the people who have been or may be interacting with your brand in the future.

“Tip: A great way to relate more effectively to your audience is to think about which generations you’re speaking to” (Verbina, 2021).

Once you determine who you are speaking to, you can define your brand’s tone of voice.

Example: If your business is a sustainable clothing line targeting millennials, then your language in your marketing materials should be fun, current, and maybe even have some emojis in the mix.

Try making a list of adjectives that describe your brand. If your brand formal or informal? Is your brand serious or fun? Is your brand quirky or enthusiastic? Your messaging should align with how your audience communicates. 

“What does my brand stand for?”

Your writing should always point back to your brand personality and values.

Example: The sustainable clothing brand values the environment, green energy, innovative solutions, and corporate social responsibility.

Once you define your brand values, then you can open up conversations about these values and support other organizations, businesses, and charities that stand for the same things.

“What is the goal I am trying to pursue?

Are you trying to generate sales? Are you trying to share advice and tips?

Example: The sustainable clothing brand is trying to sell clothes, so their tone of voice should be fun and relatable, but also sales minded as they try to convince their audience to buy their clothes.

“The tone of voice describes how your brand communicates with the audience and thus influences how people perceive your messaging” (Verbina, 2021).

At BrandStar Agency, we are experts in this thing called “brandstorming.” During this meeting, we determine our client’s mission, vision, tone, and values to effectively communicate their brand. If you are still struggling to find your business’ voice, consider collaborating with BrandStar, and we will dig deeper into your brand communication methods.

Source: https://www.semrush.com/blog/how-to-define-your-tone-of-voice/

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