How To Keep Up With Social Media Trends

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By: Natalie Molz, Social Media Specialist

In the world of social media, things are constantly changing and evolving. For a social media marketing professional, staying up to date on trends and strategies can be as challenging as it is valuable. Here, we’ve broken down a few of the ways you can be sure to keep up with the latest social media developments:

Sign Up For Social Media News Emails

If you’re anything like us, you check your email more times than you can keep up with throughout the day. That’s why it’s beneficial to have social media trends sent straight to your inbox! Some of the newsletters we recommend signing up for are:

Social Fresh – This newsletter promises to deliver fresh, inspiring content that can be read within five minutes or less.

Social Media Today – A daily source of news on social strategy, content marketing, influencer marketing, and digital marketing.

Buffer’s Social Media For Business Newsletter – Buffer shares their current blog posts, as well as email-only content with over 45,000 subscribers weekly. This newsletter focuses on social media management for businesses – highlighting case studies and sharing tips along the way.

Sprout Social – Sprout’s newsletter advises on social media resources such as strategy, the best tools for marketers, how to launch employee advocacy, and more.

Hootsuite – Personalized marketing tips straight from the experts at Hootsuite? Sign us up! This weekly newsletter is packed full of how-to articles, social media guides, and more.

Listen To Social Media Podcasts

If you struggle to find time to read all the blogs and newsletters you’d like to, we suggest tuning in to a podcast! Social media podcasts are a great source of current news, guidance, and expertise. Listen on the go for insights on social media trends, special guests sharing marketing advice, and up-to-date industry reports.

The social media podcasts below are BrandStar-approved:

Follow Social Media News on Twitter

What better place to discuss social media news than on social media itself? Twitter is home to some of the latest conversations among social media experts. Stay on track by creating a stream of popular social media hashtags such as #socialmedia, #smm, #socialmediamarketing, #marketingnews, #socialmarketing, etc.

Set Up Google Alerts for Social Media Updates

To receive instant notifications about all things social media as they happen, look no further than Google Alerts. All you need is a search term, and Google monitors the web for any mention of it. Enter “social media” for a variety of articles written daily or be more specific for targeted articles like “social media trends 2022.” You can even choose how often you want to receive alerts! (Hint: Start small. We recommend once a day.)

Subscribe To Social Media Blogs

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably carved out time in your day dedicated solely to catching up on the news. Social media blogs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to consume the latest news and current trends. Subscribe to these blogs to keep up with social media content:

Although keeping up with the evolution of social media can be a challenge, the success of your business will be worth it. How will you ensure you’re in the know with social media trends in 2022?

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