What Is It Like to Be a BrandStar Employee?

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By: Joey Glynn

BrandStar has always been committed to building relationships. But we understood from the beginning that it is most efficient to build a family environment with our employees. This family now consists of multi divisional teamwork, employee branding, and working above the line.

Here at BrandStar, we operate in a highly connected office environment. When a BrandStar team is working with a client there is no stone left unturned. It is our responsibility to cohesively know and understand our clients just as well as we know and understand our fellow coworkers. So, what is it really like to be an employee at BrandStar?

Starting off with our Senior Marketing Manager, Ginger Marks, we asked her some questions about what it is like to do what she does here. With her kind of leadership role, she is responsible for communicating with the entire marketing team each day along with at least one individual from the other divisions. It is her job to check in periodically and to make sure that everything is running “smoothly.” She stated that, “Our goal here is to make sure that social media teams, account management, media players, etc. are good to go.” She added, “To make sure we are doing everything we can to meet the clients’ needs and what we can for them.” She continued by saying she feels most accomplished when we “get that ‘wow’ reaction from our clients.” She discussed how when we exceed the client’s expectations, it is her favorite part of what she does.

The pandemic has obviously disrupted the workflow for many companies out there. Ginger stated that, “being able to come into the workplace… is very helpful.” A lot of what we rely on here is working with one another very closely. For Ginger, some days she likes to “unplug” and tackle some of her own work, but she acknowledges that her team members are always there if she needs help.

We asked her to reflect on one of her favorite BrandStar projects. One that happened this year was when a client was reaching out for assistance in producing a new name for one of their new products. They came up with this “cool” game to play called, “Name That Brand.” Ginger said, “we had great collaboration and came up with some really creative ideas that the company ended up deciding to use.” That client was impressed with the ideas and decided on one of them for the final product.

When it comes to BrandStar working above the line, Ginger said it’s all about respecting one another and to make sure that, “everyone gets a fair share of things, a fair say” (clients and employees). She reiterated the goal of being absolutely sure we are doing everything we can for not only our clients, but for our team members as well. Ginger has been with us for five years and after many transitions, she is still excited and “having a good time.” Referring to her team members, “When you spend this much time with people, you really start to become friends. They really become part of your life. You don’t just enjoy the connection as a coworker, but as a friend.”

Senior marketing manager Dimitrije Micic says that being from a foreign country (Serbia) feels “blessed and privileged to work for such a huge company.” He continues, “I never thought this big company could have such a personalized and close relationship with each employee, on top of that I feel like I have been working with friends since day one.” Like Ginger, Dimitrije typically communicates with his entire team as well as “5-7” people from other divisions. His responsibilities consist of assuring that each employee is completing tasks and communicating them to the client. He stated that he is trying to be a “best buddy” for BrandStar’s clients and someone they can rely on.

Dimitrije stated that he wants to do his job the “right way” because when he accomplishes something for a client it makes him feel “valuable” and “worthy” of his position at BrandStar. He relates it to being on a sports team by saying that every contribution you make to the team, you “a part of something successful.” He continued by saying that teamwork is “essential to upgrading ideas and to generate anything.” He continued to discuss the power of working with others and how being able to “bounce off” of other people’s ideas is more impactful and efficient than working on your own.

Junior Marketing Manager Sophie Mwangata started off by saying that each day of being an employee at BrandStar is a “breath of fresh air” and that she typically has different things to communicate with roughly “four or five” team members along with others from other divisions. Sophie’s responsibilities include ensuring timelines are set for deliverables, consistently updating clients on our work, and coordinating meetings to ensure action items are carried out. Even though accomplishments occur every day, Sophie makes sure that she is ready with a “clear path” for the next day.

Sophie stated that teamwork helps everyone “complete tasks faster while getting to learn a thing or two in the process.” She says, “Great team work also comes with watching out for each other and maintaining good communication to ensure the ball is not dropped.” Sophie also expresses that her favorite learning experience is when she was able to “weave” her section to another team member’s work “seamlessly.”

Sophie shared what her coworkers are like at BrandStar: “They are friendly and knowledgeable; and are open to sharing their knowledge with others.” She added that working at BrandStar means that you are a “part of a family culture.”

We can really see that the BrandStar employee experience is very connected to a family-like environment. When working on something as a team we understand how important developing positive relationships is for our employees as well as our clients. The more we learn about each other the better we can utilize each other’s talents, especially because most of what we do here consists of teamwork. BrandStar builds relationships so that we have a network to rely on and each other to trust. Without it, we would not be what BrandStar is at all.

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